Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Catch a Falling Star

This is the first chapter of my first novel.  It's called Catch a Falling Star and it started as a fanfic but I found myself moving away from the fandom and creating my own story so I changed things up.  Virtual cookies to you if you can figure out what story inspired me to write it!

Anywho, I'll publish the first bit of it here as a teaser but it is too long to post the entire thing on a blog.  The entire story will be published on Fictionpress.com under my pen name there, Ladyminecrafter.  I will be uploading a chapter every other day.  It is complete but still requires some editing, IMO, and copy editing big-time.  So as I edit for continuity and content I will update the chapters there.  I hope you enjoy it!
The Lady (Ann)

Catch a Falling Star

 “So, here are your keys. Welcome to your new home Naomi.” Sora smiled at the young woman who'd just bought a condo from her.

Naomi looked at the keys in her hand with disbelief and then looked at her daughter Keiko who was busy texting her friend. “Keiko? Do you want to open the door first?” Keiko looked up with a bored expression but when her eyes met Naomi's she grinned.

“Of course!” She took the keys from her mother's hand and walked up the four steps that led to the door of their new condo, slowly she inserted the shiny new key into the lock. Naomi watched, not realizing she was holding her breath, listening to the lock click open as Keiko turned the key. When she turned the handle the door drifted open and she stood on the thresh hold as if she was afraid to enter for a moment but then with a whoop she ran into the building, circled the main floor and then bolted up the stairs bellowing at the top of her lungs with joy.

Naomi turned to the real estate agent, “Thank you, Sora. I can't tell you how invaluable your help was in finding this for us.”

She smiled and bowed her head, “It was my pleasure. I hope you and your daughter have many happy years here.” She lifted the bag she was holding and handed it to Naomi. “You're first housewarming gift.”

“Why thank you.” Naomi was surprised by the gift and even more so when she opened the gift bag it was in. Pulling out a bonsai tree that was beautifully formed into the shape of a heart she gasped, “It's beautiful! How did you know I loved bonsai?”

Sora's gentle laugh echoed through the empty room. “A fortuitous guess. They make good gifts for new homeowners and they're lucky. Perhaps this condo will give you a new start and the tree will help you find love also?” Sora smiled at her client.

“I'll settle for the fresh start and happiness alone.” Naomi said quietly and then, brightening her smile, “Thank you again. The movers will be arriving tomorrow with our furniture so for now I think we'll return to my sisters house.”

“I'll leave you, then, to enjoy the quiet of your new home.” Sora nodded her head respectfully and turned to leave.

“One more question, Sora.” Naomi hoped she would answer it. “The unit next door, has it been purchased yet?”

“It has. The sale was finalized yesterday.” She smiled brightly as if this were good news.

“Ah, do you, by any chance, know who purchased it? I'd like to know my neighbors and surprise them.” Naomi crossed her fingers hoping Sora would tell her.

“I did hear a name, what was it?” Sora gazed into the distance for a moment as she tried to recall the name. “It was a man, with silvery-white hair.”

“What!?” Keiko had come into the room and overheard her mothers question.

Naomi held her hand up indicating that Keiko should be quiet. “Anything else you remember about him? Did he have a family?”

“Well, he had someone with him but I don't think they'll be living here. What was his name? I remember it rang a bell for me, I think it was the name of a company in town. I think it began with an S.” Sora tapped her lip as she thought about it. “I'm sorry. I can't remember. I'll look it up and text it to you when I get back to the office, does that work?” She held her hand out to shake Naomi's hand.

Naomi's hand shook as she reached out to Sora's hand, “Yes, that will be fine. Thank you.” She wondered if Sora could hear the alarm in her voice or not. She watched her real estate agent get into her car and drive away, waving back as she did. And then she turned to calm her daughters rising panic.

“It can't be? Can it Mom?” Keiko had panic in her voice. “He didn't find us here? Did he?”

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