Friday, February 27, 2015

Mummified Monk

Opinionated Friday

So this was in my Discovery news feed.  This monk, 1000 yrs ago, went through this ritual and mummified himself in veneration to his beliefs.  That some hardcore religion there.  I consider myself to be a fairly religious person.  I have my beliefs, I keep them to myself for the most part, unless I'm asked.  But I'm fairly certain that I could never do this sort of thing to show my faith.  I mean, he spent over eight years preparing his body and mummifying himself.  I have trouble sticking to a diet for eight days.  And the stuff he ate!  Nuts and seeds for the first 1000 days, then twigs and bark for 1000 days, and then poison that made him vomit.  

My hat goes off to this man who lived 1000 years ago.  In this day and age of new stuff every year I'm sure I could never commit myself to something the way he did.  That's some serious madness.

The original article can be found here.  Be sure to check it out.  By the way, I'm sure there's a story in here, perhaps a diary of his experience?  I just can't write anything in which my main character dies at the end.  I wrote a fanfiction like that once and I cried every time I had to read it.  And she died of old age...can you imagine?

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