Original works

After slipping down the slope of fanfiction and whetting my appetite to be an author I stepped out into the scary world of original work.  I currently have four original works posted and I am working on finishing my fifth. This page lists those works and links to their pages where you will find a synopsis and a link to them where they are available to be read.  If you read and enjoy please leave me a comment and let me know.  If you read and don't enjoy feel free to let me know what you missed in my story.  Constructive criticism is always welcome, it's what will make me a better writer. And if you are a frustrated beta/editor looking to do some charity work for a struggling author email me! I am need of someone to pre-read my works, and my posts amongst other things, checking for spelling errors, missed/wrong words and light grammar fixes. I'm willing to return the favor to you!

Hopefully there will be many more added here in the months and years to come!

Here we go! Just click the title to learn more about each piece.  Click here for an understanding of the ratings and other story data.

Genre- Romance         Rating- T       Status- Complete*

Chapters- 41*      Words- 90K*

Genre- Romance         Rating- T       Status- In Progress

Chapters- 32*      Words- 50K*

Genre- Suspense         Rating- K       Status- Complete

Chapters- 1     Words- 1500

Genre- Romance         Rating- T       Status- Complete

Chapters- 1      Words- 2395

Genre- Romance         Rating- T       Status- Complete

Chapters- 1      Words- 1484