Artistic Recognition

The Artwork on my page can be attributed to many, here are their links. Visit them and give them love.

Cover art for Catch a Falling Star is by Kael Schindler- we met playing Minecraft, yes, Minecraft but he has an amazing eye for art. For fun here is a video of him and a friend pranking me when we played together on a server. I was building Hogwarts there and he made his own intro.

SIShannon has done a few commissioned pieces for me. She is near and dear to my heart, my daughter and my friend, and she's an amazingly talented artist.

Anna Jeanette at Northern ExposuresPhotography has done a lot for me. She is the incredibly talented photographer who took all my profile and family pictures. She also contributes photos regularly for me to use on my blog. Check her out and tell her how beautiful her work is.

I also regularly use Flickr. Photo's from Flickr are credited as such and clicking on them will bring you to the artist's page.

The hearts motif on my journal banner can be found here.

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