Ratings are based off the fanfiction and fictionpress ratings. Most of my work I consider to be T.

K- content suitable for most ages.

T- Content suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain some violence and mild adult themes but they won't be excessive.

M- Content is only suitable for 18+. There may be excessive and/or explicit violence or sexual themes.

Explanation of Status

Published- This work is complete and has been published on some platform, the link to it may or may not be an affiliate link.

Complete- this work is complete but not published for sale. If it is available to be read the link will bring you the site it is hosted on.

Complete* - This work is complete but is being posted at the rate of a chapter a day (mostly) until it is done. The reason for this is to increase readership since posting a chapter a day exposes it to more potential readers.

In Progress- This is a piece I am currently working on and it will be posted or available for purchase as soon as it's done.

Editing- This piece is currently being edited or beta-read in preparation for publication. When that is done the link to purchase it will be posted on its page.

Note- The word and/or chapter count may change when a book is in progress or editing due to re-writes.