Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So it's time for another Camp NaNoWriMo update. It's day 15 of camp and I am chugging along. I've made up for my low word count last week despite not working over the weekend.  I've been working hard at editing Catch a Falling Star and even found a major flaw that I fixed immediately. I've also been working on my new story The Compromise. I have not been working as hard I'd like on the blog but I am making new habits and changing old ones. My current word count rest just short of 44K which I'm sure I'll blow by as I have more authoring to do today.

I usually blog about PTSD and if you come here for that don't be discouraged by the change in topic, this is the rest of my life. I find it helps to have something that I love to do and for me, writing is it! My hubby and I sit and discuss my book ideas, developing plots and characters for hours sometimes. It makes for great fun and we bond while we do it. Make sure you make time for fun too!

Catch a Falling Star is right on track to be revised by the end of April. I finished chapter 21/41 this morning and re-posted it for reading at FictionPress. One thing I've realized is that I will never be completely content with what I've written, I will always think it could be better. I guess I will have to learn to live with that.

The Compromise is coming along well and in creating the villain in it I've realized that I have a very dark side in my mind. He is truly awful. Perhaps that is fodder for a later blog post?

I've completed 24K words in it so far, so only a little over 4K in that this week but I lost Monday to a homeschool class and part of Tuesday to a sick dog. I am determined to finish the first draft this month. I've also realized that the first two parts of the trilogy, currently titled The Romance, and The Contract, will need major rewriting to be worth publishing but I am looking forward to that.

So that's the update for this week. We are halfway through Camp and I am excited to be reaching my first ever Camp goals. Are you participating in Camp? Are you a writer who wishes you could just get that novel down? Tell me your thoughts.

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