Friday, April 24, 2015

We're almost done with CampNaNoWriMo with only a week left to hit our goals. I've been hard at work revising Catch a Falling Star and I'm still making good progress on The Compromise which I have yet to post a page for. I have been falling behind in my goal to blog weekly on PTSD though. My word count is just above 70K so I have a week to hit my goal of 90K and I think I'll do it despite the challenges that lay ahead of me in this final leg of my camp journey.

I usually blog about PTSD and if you come here for that don't be discouraged by the different topic, this is what I do when I'm not talking about the subject that fills every corner of my life. It helps, a lot, to have something that I love to do and for me that's writing love stories! Even my husband gets in on the action, discussing books ideas, plots, and characters with me for hours. My work is available for free right now, just check out my links above. And make sure you make time for fun too!

Catch a Falling Star is right on target. I have 36 of 41 chapters revised and I expect to finish it today. Once it's done I will compile it, put it on my Kindle and read it through for the first time, making notes about what I'll change in the second revision. I'm looking forward to the read-through, up to now I've only interacted with it a few chapters at a time. The total word count for Catch a Falling Star rests at just over 88K which is about 1K less than when I began the revision.

The Compromise is almost done and I'm sad about that. I've enjoyed visiting with Davis and Amanda on their journey. The next step for the series will be to migrate the first two books into Scrivener and begin their revision. Because it's a trilogy I need to watch for continuity and be sure each book stands on its own as well. I'm looking forward to the work but dreading it at the same time. The total word count for The Compromise is about 35K. Each book is a little longer than a novella but they will work well as a trilogy for that reason.

When I'm done with CampNaNoWriMo I will work on making pages for the Trust and Obey trilogy. I have to decide how much to reveal since they fall under the erotica category and I want my blog to remain family friendly. Not sure if I will post links or not. 

That's the update for Camp this week, late again.There is another camp in July, I think, that I will participate in and of course the parent event NaNoWriMo in November. Can you believe I am already stressing about having a story idea for it? I'm sure it will be fine. Anyway, subscribe to me, or add me to your feed and watch me grow!

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