Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Reflections- Enthusiasm

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Enthusiasm is contagious, so surround yourself with others who are passionate about their life's work. Enthusiastic friends motivate and encourage us to continue on our chosen path, even in the midst of daily challenges (Credit).

Enthusiasm is the starting point for self-help, even if we don't always feel very enthusiastic. More importantly, if we are the caregiver for a loved one with PTSD is is our enthusiasm that will encourage them to remain positive because it is a positive attitude that will encourage your enthusiasm.

It can be difficult to maintain your enthusiasm when you are struggling with PTSD or mental illness which is why it's vital you surround yourself with others who also cultivate an attitude of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious and since this week's blog post is about self-help, enthusiasm is a fantastic idea to reflect on today.

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What can you do today to cultivate enthusiasm in your attitude? Can you choose one task and get excited about it? Can you choose one hobby you love and immerse yourself in it for an hour? Can you call one friend who is guaranteed to cheer you on and ignite your enthusiasm with their own?

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I find my enthusiasm burns brighter when I am encouraging others, that's why I work on this blog. I also love to write love stories. Is that cliché? Maybe, but it inspires me to keep going and write more and more each day. If writing romance is my ticket to an enthusiastic attitude then that's the path I'll take.

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My hubby has discovered that he loves to garden. He finds it calming to plan, dig and plant and then watch the beauty of his work blossom as the seasons change.

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What's your path to an enthusiastic attitude? Do you garden? Do woodworking? Draw or sew? I challenge you to find a way to kindle your enthusiasm today and make time for it.

It is my goal to end the stigma and suffering that comes with PTSD. I blog about PTSD once a week, searching the mountains of information out there and bringing you the best of what I find. I review a book on PTSD every other week and I publish a weekly encouraging reflection and tweet encouraging quotes for PTSD survivors daily, follow me to be encouraged. Together we can make a difference.

When I'm not blogging about PTSD or trying to encourage those of you living with it, I'm an author. I write romance. I just finished my first book and I am revising and editing it. With any luck, it will be published later this year, in the meantime you can get a sample of my work on the web. Original work can be found here, and fanfiction can be found here. Let me know what you think, and tell me how you found me!

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