Friday, May 1, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo is done! I completed my goals with a final word count of 90,417 words. In actuality I wrote much more than that this month because I also worked on some PTSD blog posts and other projects. My primary work this month was Catch a Falling Star. I also worked on organizing my blog and building a plan for a regular PTSD column. Finally I continued working on my social media platform, reading, and I built a PTSD Pinterest board to add to my collection. I will be taking May off of writing challenges but I will be participating in JunoWriMo which has a preset goal of 50K words. My plan is to write an anthology of 4-5 short stories that I can publish and offer for free as a sample of my writing style.

I usually blog about PTSD and if you come here for that don't be discouraged by the different topic, this is what I do when I'm not talking about the subject that fills every corner of my life. It helps, a lot, to have something that I love to do and for me that's writing love stories! Even my husband gets in on the action, discussing books ideas, plots, and characters with me for hours. My work is available for free right now, just check out my links above. And make sure you make time for fun too!

Catcha Falling Star has been wrapped up with a bow and the first draft is sitting on my kindle waiting for me to read it through. I have a planned field trip to Washington DC this month with my daughters and I will read it while I am there, taking notes on what I need to change. Once I've done that I will begin the second revision, maybe in July.

The Compromise is done as well. It is a shorter book only hitting 40K words. I've had so much fun writing it. I've migrated the first two books into Scrivnener and I am revising and outlining them to prepare them for publication. Also, as I mentioned in my last update, these three books fall into the category of adult romance and I had to decide how to advertise them. I have made a page for my blog that has an adult warning when you enter it. It's called The Manic Writer:After Dark and will house any of my adult romance, and adult romance reviews.

That's my final update for CampNaNoWriMo! I've had a lot of fun challenging myself with Camp in April and I am looking forward to June! If you like what you see here then please subscribe to me or add me to your feed and watch me grow. I can also be found on Twitter and Facebook and I am trying to learn how to use Instagram!

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